Charles Rashid

Charles Rashid

 Charles Rashid is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and business owner. Born and raised in West Virginia to a family of doctors, Charles decided to forge his own path, pursuing business instead of the doctor’s office. He got his early start in real estate, buying, renovating and managing properties in order to turn a profit. Always looking for his next opportunity, he sold his real estate investments to buy a car dealership. When the automotive crisis hit, Charles lost everything. Instead of focusing on failure and the loss of his investments, he learned to be persistent. He devised backup plans, alternative revenue streams and never took no for an answer until he landed on his feet again. Now, he’s teaching others what it takes to be successful, combining the power of a strong mindset with seven proven steps to success to help everyone achieve their goals. 




Chattanooga, TN

Tel: 423-486-9300

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